Come Dive With Us!

Urge To Submerge is a Southeastern Wisconsin group of SCUBA divers. We welcome divers of all levels of experience and skill. Our aim is to promote the sport, both providing a forum to allow people to meet other divers, and to encourage new people to take up diving.

Lake Michigan Dive Spots

The Niagara

The Niagara is a 230 foot Sidewheel built in 1845. On Sept. 24 1856 The Niagara caught fire and went down about 7 miles northeast of Port Washington.

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The Northerner was a small, 81-foot, two-masted schooner built in 1859. It sank in heavy seas on November 29, 1868 southeast of Port Washington.

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The Toledo

The Toledo was a 179-foot, double-decked passenger and freight steamer built in 1854. The Toledo arrived in Port Washington on Oct. 22 1856, and anchored a short distance from port due to deteriorating weather.

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Upcoming Events

Christmas Party

Ralph and Tracy will be hosting the party at their house starting around 4pm. It will be potluck, so everyone should bring a dish to pass. There will also be white elephant gift exchange. Please RSVP by January 10.

Dive Club Meeting

We have a club meeting every third Tuesday in each month.

Cozumel Dive Trip

More info to come.

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